First Generation Farmers

Jay and Amber

People regularly ask us how we got into farming. The short version of this story can be described with a single word…Organically! Read on for the long version or visit us at the Farm for the animated version.

Before moving to the farm, we lived in an East Dallas neighborhood. Jay is an avid outdoorsman and I am a small-town farm girl. We knew we wanted our boys to grow up outside and in the country where they could be free to run, but we didn't know how or when that would happen. We had a small chicken flock when we lived in Dallas, but my desire to have every different egg color was a challenge in our small backyard.

Jay was in a habit of looking at land all over the US. He would show me amazing real estate listings in other states…until we had some friends move to Waxahachie and his search expanded to include the “Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas”. We did not get the first property we put an offer on, but we were successful on the next one and made the move in Sept 2019. We started building up our chicken flock again that fall and then continued to grow throughout 2020. After the chickens…came the bees, guineas, ducks, peacock (Kevin), and then the pigs! Up next…sheep!

We feed the highest quality Non-GMO feed to our animals and raise everything to the standard we feed ourselves and our family.